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About WarsawMED

We provide holistic medical care services for students, their families and teaching staff. We provide a safe learning environment and the ability to provide immediate help in the event of a sudden deterioration in the health of our patients. Our care is holistic and provides support in all areas that affect the overall well-being of children and their loved ones.

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Holistic health services for the school population

We provide a holistic approach to a child’s event, ensuring the identification of problems, including health problems, in all spheres of his life.

Description and Scope of Medical Services

Providing holistic health services for the American School of Warsaw population:
  • Staffing associated with providing minor medical and health related care to a school age and adult population and a full service health room located in the school.
  • Serve as triage and referral agent for expanded medical care and services as required.
  • Oversee record keeping and management of school-based health records.
  • Provide guidance and coordination of health and wellbeing, including general illness diagnosis, individual care plans, emergency care plans, and infectious outbreak management and communication.
  • Provide educational and prevention programs including regular health screening as per CDC recommendations.
  • Organise vaccinations and other illness mitigation efforts as appropriate
  • Provide consulting to ASW leadership and staff on the following components of WSCC model
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Specifically, WarsawMED will consult on the following areas in the WSCC model:

Physical Education and Physical Activity

  • Encourage all students and staff to participate in physical activity, regardless of ability, unless health conditions prevent it.

Nutrition Environment and Services

  • Ensure options for children with special dietary needs are available.
  • Help manage the nutritional needs of students with chronic health conditions, including food allergies and diabetes, eating disorders inc. bulimia, anorexia etc.
  • Help organise external resources to provide students with therapy if needed.

Health Education

  • Make sure that students get a comprehensive health education that includes information on common chronic health conditions.
  • Suggested topics:
    • Wellbeing including: sleep, nutrition, stress management
    • First Aid Training inc. AED use and hands on training for staff and students.
    • Sexual and body image awareness sessions
    • Awareness and prevention nicotine, alcohol and prohibited substances use.
  • Provide webinars/ training for parents/guardians and staff regarding arising medical issues based on current needs. (1 hr webinars up to three per quarter)

Social and Emotional Climate

  • Promote a positive school climate where respect is encouraged and students can seek help from trusted adults.
  • Building awareness regarding diversity eg: health problems, sexuality, physical disability.

Physical Environment

  • Provide a safe physical environment, both outside and inside school buildings, by ensuring proper cleaning, maintenance and ventilation and limiting exposure to chemicals and pollutants.

Counselling, Psychological, and Social Services

  • Identify students with emotional, behavioral, mental health, or social needs.
  • Refer students and families to school- and community-based counselling services.
  • Help students with chronic health conditions during life transitions (changes in schools or family structure).

Employee Wellness

  • Create a healthy work environment for staff.
  • Encourage school staff to model healthy behaviours.

Community Involvement

  • Involve local hospitals, university health departments, and other health organisations in school health initiatives.
  • Organise access to health services for students with chronic health conditions.

Family Engagement

  • Give parents/spouses opportunities to learn about chronic health conditions and school health services.
  • Encourage families to participate in school-based programmes and activities that promote healthy behaviours.

Our specialists

Our team consists of specialists experienced in working with children and their families.


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